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About Us

bulk heaven foods @ danforth

Bulk Heaven Foods is a member of a bulk food retail chain in Toronto, Ontario. All our chain stores are conveniently located in shopping malls. Bulk Heaven and the related chain stores are offering its customers a broad range of quality bulk food product items, the number of which is about two thousands and expanding.

For a complete list of our online products, you can visit our Site Map page. Also listed in the same Site Map page are recipes, health issues, nutrients, and health-related blog posts.

At our stores we strive to provide an enjoyable shopping environment with a bright and clean setting. Our staffs are friendly and courteous, and knowledgeable to answer questions regarding our products and their health benefits.

At Bulk Heaven customers may buy as much or as little as they desire. Our products are of high quality and our prices are very competitive. Customer satisfaction is our paramount priority.

At bulkheaven.ca we are very health conscious and we make intentional efforts to present information on the health benefits of many types of foods we sell. Our staffs are keeping up to date with the latest news and content from the medical research and nutrition studies.

Our focus is on natural food based diets, not artificial supplements produced by chemical synthetic processing. Scientific researches have already shown that natural foods can shape one's health as much as the effects of one's heredity and living environment. Proper choice of diets and nutrition affects one's health through different stages of the human life cycle from child to middle aged, to elderly adult. Here we provide cross references of the food-nutrition-health knowledge known to medical and nutrition professionals. There are also food recipes collected here which are delicious as well as healthy, and are recommended for our customers.

We consider sharing of health knowledge in relation to various diets is a wonderful and awesome thing to do. We welcome medical professionals, nutrition experts, and food enthusiasts to post their thoughts in our blog. We also encourage our customers to share their own experiences on the effects of foods and nutrients on body health if they wish to post their experiences here at bulkheaven.ca. If you would like to contribute to our knowledge blogs, let us know by sending us a request email. It is our hope that bulkheaven.ca is not only the place to shop but also the venue to learn and share health information.

Our management team has combined retail experiences of more than 50 years in the bulk foods sector. Both our online and physical stores are managed to the same strict food handling standards.

As in the same way you shop in our physical bulk food store where you may buy any quantity as you desire, you can order bulk foods from our website in any quantity larger than 100 grams. Our staff will prepare, seal, package, and ship your order to your destination in typically 24 to 48 hours to most metro areas of Ontario and Quebec after you place an order.